The Project Plan

Project Plan


Subject to change (updated 2/2/24)




February 2024

Project Bid

Final drawings and specs will be sent to pre-qualified contractors

March 2024

Contractors prepare bids for submittal

Four contractors were prequalified to bid

April 2024

Bids due April 3

Ground Breaking

Construction begins on Elementary & Wood Wing Buildings

Bids will be received and a contract will be awarded

UPDATE: Bid awarded to DEW Construction.

Construction will begin on the exterior additions to minimize disruption as the school year ends

Drop off and pick up for elementary students will change

June 2024

Construction begins on Main Office, Library, Elementary School Halls and Classrooms, Middle School and High School Hallways

Campus will be closed to all students and staff for the entire summer

Main Office/Entryway: New construction including re-grading of parking area

Library: Sprinklers, lights, ceiling tiles, new entry, new bathroom, rearrangement of shelves

Elementary School: Hallways and classrooms will have sprinklers installed as well as new lights and ceiling tiles

Middle and High School Hallways: Ceiling tiles removed, new sprinkler infrastructure installed

August 2024

Elementary Classroom Updates Complete

Middle and High School Hall Work Complete

Work continues on additions

Students will be able to access all classrooms for the start of school

New drop off and pick up for Middle School and High School

October 2024

Library Updates Complete

Once the library portion is complete, it will remain open throughout the rest of the construction (including Summer 2025)

March 2025

Addition Projects Complete

Elementary classrooms will move out of lower HS hallway

New Middle / High School entrance will open

Administration will occupy new office space

New Wood Wing classrooms will be available

April 2025

Work begins on HS Science Labs. Band & Chorus Space, & Locker Rooms

Classes will be relocated to new and alternate spaces for the remainder of the year

Summer 2025

Finish High School and Middle School

Campus will be closed to all students and staff for the entire summer

Community Library Open

Sprinklers, ceiling tiles and lights in all classrooms

Reconfigure MS and HS classroom spaces

New flooring in Wood wing

Elevator installation

August 2025

Classrooms ready for students and staff

Fall 2025

Project Completion

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Frequently Asked Questions



When does the project start?

Groundbreaking will be sometime in April.

The architects have been working with the administration since the bond was approved to finalize the design so it is ready for contractors to bid.

Has the contract been awarded?

The contract for construction has been awarded to DEW Construction. They submitted the lowest bid. Their bid was also within our budget.

What if we go over budget?

The cost of the project cannot exceed the amount approved by voters.

Decisions will be made along the way to reduce costs as needed to stay within the budget.

What is the Bond Repayment Schedule?

The schedule for repayment can be found here.

Each school year, we will make two payments. For example, in 2024-25 (FY25), we will make a payment on 11/1/24 and 5/1/25. The total of these two payments is the amount reflected in the budget for that year.

The largest payment is in FY26 (the 11/1/25 and 5/1/26 payment total).

Why does the library have to close?

The library area will be surrounded by construction projects during the summer of 2024 so it would not be safe to access by staff or patrons. The original work plan had the library closed during Summer 2024 with actual library updates occurring during the summer of 2025.

The architects redesigned the work plan so that all work needed in the library would be completed during the summer of 2024.

After discussion with library staff and trustees, it was decided that the best approach was for the library to close from June through the end of October 2024.

The library will be upgraded with a new sprinkler system, new lights and ceiling tiles, a new entry door, and a bathroom remodel during this time.

The library is seeking alternatives to provide programming and book access during the closure.

While the closure is certainly an inconvenience for community patrons, all parties agreed that this plan was better than the possibility of closing for two summers.

How do I ask a question?

Send an email to