FWSU Educator Recognition

This week, we were able to recognize January’s FWSU Educators at each of our schools. Educators are chosen from those who were nominated by parents, students or colleagues. Typically, the building principal, FWSU Curriculum Coordinator Scott Thompson, and I pop into the educator’s classroom so we can share the honor with their students. The recipient is generally always concerned/curious when we stop in. As we read through the comments from the nominators, you can see the students nodding their heads in agreement!

This month, we were able to recognize the efforts of:

Spencer Sahagian – GEMS Special Educator

He is always willing to help. He is a great team member. He is passionate about his work with his students and wants to see them succeed in whatever they do.

Maia Hendrickson – GEMS Kindergarten Teacher

Maia has been an outstanding teacher from the start of school for my daughter, who is in her Kindergarten class. She has music time in her classroom where she plays the guitar and teaches the kids a song. My son comes and sings those songs to us. She takes the class outside every day, rain or shine! I know this, because she sends us DAILY pictures as well! The children play in the woods and collect materials for crafts. Each day, we receive a detailed summary of the day’s events with multiple photos included. Knowing what my child is doing during the day is comforting and so appreciated. She sends links to songs she sings and books she reads. She communicates extremely well with parents and it’s much appreciated so that we can help our kids as they transition to a vital year of learning. Her communication with parents is unparalleled.

Lorrene Palermo – FES Grades 5 & 6

She teaches us how to do things that you might need to know in the future. She taught us how to sew, in case your pants ripped in half when you’re older and it would save you a lot of money, instead of going to like a shop to get them fixed or just throwing them out. She taught us how to garden, and she brings in many cool things, like microscopes and beetles that we can look at under the microscope. She is the best teacher ever!!!!!!!

Robyn Brislin – BFA 5th Grade

Robyn has been observant about our son in her classroom and was already thinking about him when we sent an email to her. I appreciated her thoughtful and kind responses and proactiveness around the topic. 

Tom Lane BFA HS Science

Mr. Lane instilled a love of science in both my daughters.  He worked with their strengths and through their challenges.  He has gone above and beyond in supporting them.  He is truly shaping her professional future and is a constant example of the combination of kindness, hard work, and humor.  Mr. Lane has been a topic of conversation at the dinner table multiple times, and always with adoration and appreciation for all he gives to his students.

Jen Bockus  BFA Elementary Special Educator

She goes above and beyond for the students she works with and goes out of her way to figure out something the student likes and works around it. She has a love for her job and her students. She’s awesome!

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding educators. Remember that you can nominate an educator from your child’s school using this link. Look for the FWSU Educator Recognition on your school’s website. Thank you to each school’s parent organization for providing gift certificates for each recipient to go along with their certificate and trophy.

John Tague

Thank you to all our contributors!