FWSU Educator Recognition

Yesterday, we presented our second round of FWSU Educator Recognition certificates and awards. It’s great to pop into a classroom and surprise the educator (and their students) with some kind words from our community, a gift certificate from their school’s parent group (many thanks to BFA’s PTSA, FES’s FOFE and GEMS PTCO), and the highly coveted “Top Banana” trophy. Applause and pictures follow and then the class gets back to their work. And we get ready to honor another educator in the SU.

This month we celebrated the work of the following educators and have included part of their nomination:

Nicole Bates, BFA ES Paraprofessional

“Watching her interact with all of the kids in the morning at drop-off is a joy.  It truly starts their day off in a great way. Today I watched her assist a parent/child with a rough drop-off, and it was amazing.” 

Colleen Wilson, BFA HS Special Educator

“Colleen consistently goes above and beyond for all students, not just those on her caseload or those she works with when she pushes into classes. She is always willing to help any student. Colleen also builds strong relationships with all students, and is able to connect with them. Most importantly, Colleen fosters independence in students and truly guides them to success.”

Mike Cain, BFA Lead Custodian

“For all his hard work maintaining the cleanliness and organization of space in the school, including work late into the night on the day before school to make sure everything was ready for students!”

Dana Gore, BFA MS Humanities Teacher

“Dana is committed to supporting the academic and emotional needs of his students in a kind, caring, and respectful way.”

Andrianna Cousineau, FES Grade 2 Teacher

“Her enthusiasm and humor are contagious and make it exciting to go to school!” 

Mike Malinowski, GEMS ES Counselor

“He has always been there to help in any circumstances. I know I can email him and he will make sure to comfort the children in any way he can. Mike has really helped my son come out of his shell to be social with others!”

Doreen O’Brien, GEMS MS Math Coach

“This teacher has been a big help for my child with math between last year and this year.”

Congratulations to November’s recipients. We will continue to recognize our educators each month. You can nominate any school employee by clicking on the FWSU Educator Recognition button at fwsu.org and completing the brief form.


John Tague