Giving Back to Our Community During this Holiday Season

On Tuesday, December 13, students from the BFA Middle School Student Leadership Committee joined forces with BFA High School students to deliver food to the Fairfax Community Center.

The BFA Fairfax Middle School Student Leadership Committee hosted a food drive this month in partnership with the high school’s National Honor Society.  This collective food drive effort was a partnership with Operation Happiness, which is a program that supports dozens of local families with food and household items.


Throughout this food drive season, the students on the Middle School Student Leadership Committee learned about hunger in small communities, taught what they learned to their peers during advisory, and presented their peers with an opportunity to bring in food items for donation.  Students collected, sorted, and organized food collections at the Fairfax Community Center on Tuesday.


The middle school Student Leadership Committee is also involved in pumping up the school community.  This year they have organized spirit week, the first middle school dance, and are hosting this month’s door decorating contest.

We had four classrooms in the middle school that did an amazing job supporting this project.  Thank you to Andrew Sealey and Heather Brown’s 6th grade advisory classes for bringing in over 65 food items each!  A HUGE shout out to Alison Couture’s 5th grade advisory class with a total of 91 food items donated!

The biggest congratulations of all goes to Robyn Brislin’s 6th grade advisory, who totaled more than 100 food items donated!  

Thank you, everyone, for your kindness!

Jennifer Foster, 5/6 Special Educator at BFA Fairfax
Danielle Drogalis, Acting BFA Fairfax Middle School Principal